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HR Managers Use Computer Forensics to Investigate Employee Allegations

Los Angeles, CA --- With companies downsizing, corporations under strict scrutiny from the government and businesses finding it essential to be overly protective of proprietary information, times are not only challenging but keeping a close eye on company activities is essential. And corporations conducting internal investigations are on the rise. Privately held computer evidence recovery firm, Computer Forensics International (CFI) President, Mark McLaughlin is hard at work helping companies strengthen their cases to protect their best interests utilizing computer forensics. A services company was accused of wrongful termination and breaching an executive employee contract. CFI examined his laptop revealing the disenchanted employee emailed sensitive company information to his friends who were competitors. The action against the company was withdrawn and the company initiated a lawsuit against the former executive, explains McLaughlin.

This is just one of many cases McLaughlin has spearheaded utilizing computer forensics. One of the most common is finding out what employees are doing on valuable company time including surfing the Internet for pornography, sending sexually harassing emails to other employees, destroying or stealing valuable inside company information, or sharing that information with competitors or taking clients from the company to start up an outside independent business.

A prime example of this involves a case CFI has worked on with a nationwide services company. They suspected a key executive was resigning to work for a competitor and taking confidential files to assist them. Using a pretext they obtained his company laptop in advance of his departure. CFI's analysis revealed hidden email communications with his future employer and the creation of a confidential Zip archive of files. The company thwarted the transfer of data and received a stipulated judgment against the future employer and employee.

Mark McLaughlin has amassed nearly 25 years experience in computer forensic analysis, corporate security investigations, information systems management and law enforcement. He's a frequent lecturer and California State Bar qualified instructor for attorneys on computer forensics.

For interviews with Mark McLaughlin or for more information, contact Stacey Kumagai at 818/506-8675 or go to the Computer Forensics International website at:

About the author:
Stacey Kumagai is CEO of Media Monster Communications, a full-service public relations, marketing & media firm.




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