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Protect Your Computer!

Surfing on the Internet can be a major problem if you don't employ a reasonable amount of protective software.

Hackers, spyware and viruses all combine to make it essential that you have a firewall, a spyware detector and an anti-virus program - all up to date and operating on your system.

1. Safety First - Get Yourself a Firewall Now! If you don't have a firewall installed and operating on your computer then you are risking an attack by a hacker! Without a firewall your computer is like an open door. Private and confidential information may become available to hackers with basic computer skills. Not only could information be stolen but a hacker could leave your computer in a state where they could return and take control of it. A firewall monitors all incoming traffic and only allows in what you have authorised. You can even make your computer "invisible" when on the Internet so hackers are not even aware of your presence! It's one of the few things all "experts" agree with so go to and get your FREE firewall now...

2. Keep Those Spyware Cookies Off Your Computer! Most of the cookies you collect while using the Internet are harmless and just kept on your hard drive in case you return to the same website again. A new type of cookie is now accessing your computer and sending information about your activities on the Internet back to it's originator. These cookies are known collectively as "Spyware". So why not get yourself a FREE copy of Lavasoft's Ad-aware which s a spyware removal utility which will scan your PC memory, your registry, and hard drive(s) for known spyware and allow you to remove them. You can even update the data files so that your protection is always up to date! For your FREE copy go to :

3. You Have Got Anti-Virus Protection - Haven't You? I have assumed that everyone now has some type of anti-virus software to protect their computers against virus attack. There have been so many well documented cases which have caused considerable financial loss both to small and large companies. If you still haven't got this protection go to a website such as and search for a free program.There are several programs available - choose one! You know it makes sense! With the three types of protection mentioned above you will be able to surf the Internet, content that you have taken all reasonable precautions without being paranoid!

Copyright 2003 Joe McHenry. All rights reserved. Please feel free to pass this article on to your friends, or use it in your ezine or newsletter.Joe is the webmaster of where tips and self improvement techniques can be found.

About the author:
Joe McHenry is the webmaster of where tips and self improvement techniques can be found.




monitoring software

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